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April 2016 Update

We are very pleased to inform you that we have come to an agreement on a five year extension with our ministry partner (Strong Hearts) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This agreement will ensure our continued impact to the widows and orphans that live in the Korah...

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November 2015 Newsletter

I had the privilege of visiting the center a couple weeks ago. Once again (as with the visit in August), I am so happy to report that things are fantastic! The staff is working hard to maintain the best of conditions for our families there. Only God can orchestrate...

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Asarat – from No Hope & Identity to Hope and Success!

Strong Hearts is changing lives from the inside out in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. God has provided the funding to develop a microenterprise program in our community. Through this program, the broken people are given an opportunity to start a new life and to see new hope.  ...

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New faces at the Care Center

We are so thankful for all the families we serve here, as we look back at our last year.  We were able to welcome 3 new families into the center recently.  We had a set of older twin boys that have now moved onto a preschool program closer to their home and easier for...

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Care Center Families Are Thriving

We are in the middle of conducting update interviews for each family this week.  Checking in with each parent to see how things are at home, needs they may have and all they have accomplished.  We will also ask each caregiver to assess the children in their rooms and...

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Family Care Center October 2014 Update

Strong Hearts Family Care Center October 2014 Update We have been back for about 2 months now, since leaving Addis for a couple months this summer.  The center looked great when we came back!  We have great confidence in the staff here, but it is hard to not play the...

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Meet with Kashaun from our Microfinace Program

Keshaun Mossie, is a young man of 30 years. He was born and formed a family in the Gojam region of Ethiopia. He is married and is a father of three children. Three years ago because of a severe broken leg injury, he was forced to come to Addis Ababa for treatment....

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Meet Hulagarish – Our Hospice Patience

Hulagarish is a wife. Hulagarish is a mom. Hulagarish is a cancer patient and Hulagarish is HIV+. Hulagarish’s body is responding to HIV the same way it has for fifteen years, it’s battling for survival, except now, the battle’s end is drawing near. Her body is...

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Testimonies from our Volunteers

I absolutely loved Ethiopia and am so thankful I decided to volunteer at Strong Hearts or my trip!  It was so easy and organized. I honestly was not thrilled about coming home from Ethiopia so soon, but I was excited to see my family and share stories. The most...

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Brihanu starts his 2 month hospital stay

Thank you for continuing to pray for Brihanu!  This is a picture of him all tucked in his new bed at the local TB hospital.  Mom will stay with him for the next 2 months of treatment. He will receive daily injections and nutritional supplement on this road to a...

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A brief update on Brihanu

I wanted to give a brief update on Brihanu.  Since my last update, we have been to the specialized TB hospital twice, the largest hospital in Addis twice, one clinic and one medium size hospital.  All of this in the past 2 days.  I have a special tan going on my left...

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Please keep Brihanu in your prayers

We are asking for prayers for our newest family in our care center.  His name is Brihanu.  He is 1 yr and 3 months old.  He came into our program a bit over a month ago.  He certainly looks smaller than his age and we knew he needed to be “plumped up”, but so many...

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